We recommend that you read ALL of the following information before considering to order a custom costume or accessory from us. It helps to eliminate any confusion during the process from when you make your payments to receiving your final product and even events that may follow. 



for a QUOTE:

Go to our ORDER page above!
email rlworkscostumes@yahoo.com
Please, general audience rated concept art only. 
To get a quote we require that you provide a CLEAR 2-3 point turnaround reference art piece of your character with FLAT colors. 
If you do not have one, we can refer you to a concept artist. Unless commissions are Artistic Freedom, we will not do business without a complete and accurate reference.
Include in your quote email a list of features you would like your costume to have. i/e Digitigrade padding, claws, moving jaw, following eyes, etc.

- a full (2-3 view) flat color reference of your character with clear markings i/e tattoos 
- Include the style of costume you are ordering. i/e Full plantigrade/digitigrade-padded/etc
- a bulleted outline of all the features you wish for your costume to have. i/e claws, following eyes, specific expression, bendable ears, fans, moving jaw etc. 
- Your full name and your character's name

Commission Process:
Suits take 120 hours on average of consistent work from start to finish. 
Keep in mind that we have multiple projects going on at any given time, 
this means that it may take longer for a suit to be finished/delivered. 
So estimated deadlines must be no sooner than 4 months from the date the down payment is received. 
We do not do business with minors as they can not be legally bound to contractual obligation.
Agreeing to a commission/sending a down payment is agreeing to all of these terms and serves as a contract agreement. READ ALL OF THESE TERMS CAREFULLY OR YOUR COMMISSION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Down payments are 30% and cover the cost of materials for most costumes. 
100% of the total cost MUST be paid before work can begin. 
70% of the total cost can be refunded if the commissioner chooses to withdraw their commission before work begins.
Withdrawal of a commission after work has begun will result in a lower refund percentage due to the use of material and time loss.
Should a commissioner not be able to complete payments, a refund of their total payments minus what was spent on materials for their order will be issued. 
Should I, the artist, for any reason not be able to complete a project for a commissioner, the commissioner has the right to claim whatever work that was finished as well as a refund for the projected remainder time/rates that would have been spent completing the project. Time/rates which have been applied to completed work is non-refundable, as well as material expense. 

I measure everything, from recording the time I spend working on individual steps for a project, to estimating future endeavors based on this gathered datas in order to correctly calculate my quotes based on my hourly rates, taxes, material cost, and extended rates for special projects. My quotes are no longer a system of speculation, where I provide a number based on what I want to make after material cost and taxes. They are a projection through calculation of the cost of exactly what I use, how much time I estimate based on the recorded progress of my previous work, and the taxes the state of Washington requires that I pay come the end of the 2014 fiscal year. A quote with me is a quote, not always the exact number you end up paying, which can mean that if I estimate my time to take longer with a project than it actually takes, come the time of completion of a project, a refund for the time I didn't spend working would be issued on a project. Or, if a detailed, complicated project took longer than I had calculated, an invoice would be sent to my customer requesting due payment for overtime. However, I still require 100% of the quote to be paid upfront before work begins, because it protects me, the artist, from unforeseen circumstances where finances can become an issue with any given customer. 

Completed suits have a 30 day (1 month) limited warrantee for anything you might find that is faulty with our product. 
Any damage caused by the suit owner is not covered. And repairs can be made for an hourly work rate of $27/hour. 
Altering the structure of the costume or cosmetic change to the costume in any way voids your warrantee, even if it is within 30 days of ownership.

Payment Plans:
We currently use a 4 or 5 payment process. (30%, 30%, 30%, 10%) or (30%, 20%, 20%, 20%, 10%)
Choosing a payment plan means that work still will not begin until 100% of the total amount due has been paid.
This can push back your estimated completion date. Payments are expected every two weeks. Late payments result in a later completion date. 

Acceptable Forma of Payment
We accept Paypal, Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX (all cards charged via PaypalHERE)
Fees associated with paypal must be added to the cost of the commission/paid by the commissioner.

Shipping is paid by the commissioner. 
Shipping is always standard post unless otherwise requested and paid for by the commissioner. (5-7 days)

Each completed order comes with a care kit including:
Brush, balaclava, small sewing kit, a letter of how to care and maintain your costume.

Digitigrade or Padded Full costumes start at $1,800
Padded costumes require a DTD for construction. Padding is made with insertable pillows.

Plantigrade or standard full costumes start at $1,500
No DTD required, measurements only. Bodysuits come with comfortable stretchy neck lining. Zippers are always in back, unless specified for the front by commissioner. 

Partial costumes start at $1,100
Includes head, hands, feet, and tail. 

Heads start at $750
Heads are made with lightweight low density foam and are built on a lycra hood. Eyes are made with plastic and can be 2D, 3D following, or Semi-following. Noses can be fleece or resin. Ears can be foam, floppy, or posable. Ventilation through mouth, ears, back of head, and eyes. Movable jaws available. Teeth are resin. Tongues are fleece. (Jawsets with painted resin teeth and silicone tongues are optional from DVC)

Feet paws $200+
Feet paws are built on a thick durable mat material inside a rubber sole. Commissioner must provide shoes. Feet are stuffed and can be cleaned by removing the stuffing via the zipper in the back of the foot paw. Cuffs are lined for comfort with a cuff cover and lycra. 

Hand paws $90+
Hand paws come in two styles, Large with rounded fingers, each about the size of a golf ball, or standard with flat fingers. Pawpads are made with vinyl or lycra which are stuffed. Claws are resin. 

Tails average at $70
Tails are stuffed with loosely packed polyfil for good motion and easy travel. Belt loops are invisible and perfect for wear with a bodysuit.