Suit Sneaks


What are Suit Sneaks?

Fursuit Sneakers or "Suit Sneaks" are my original design of sandals for indoor fursuit paws. In 2013 I had the idea to create a unique shoe-style protective accessory that would serve to keep the bottoms of fursuit feet pristine and protected while still maintaining the appearance of style and without sacrificing comfort or safety. By 2016 I had perfected my patterns and began taking custom orders on these trend-setting Suit Sneaks, and I've made over 20 pairs since then.

What If I don't have feet paws?

These are NOT All-In-One accessories. If you do not have indoor foot paws for me to build the sneaker accessories for, you may custom order those from me as well. In fact, I offer a $50 discount on orders for both indoor foot paws and Suit Sneaks. 

WARNING: Not all foot paws are made equal. It is up to the commissioner to decide if their foot paws are safe for use with Suit Sneaks. Suit Sneaks have a 1/2" sole of EVA foam and rubber shoe sole, and if your existing foot paws have a shoe inside or outdoor soling, they may not be safe for wear with Suit Sneaks because of an extreme hazard of tripping. I am not responsible for a lack of good judgement or safety on behalf of my clients.

How much do they cost?

The average set of Suit Sneaks costs approximately $300 USD, but the price may vary +/- depending on the size and details in your custom order. You may always request a quote from me directly, but they expire after 30 days. I usually open for commissions on these sneakers every 3 months. 


Kigurumi ( Pajamas )


What's a kigurumi?

A kigirumi (or kigu) is a japanese style set of oversized children's costume pajamas, usually modeled after some type of animal or character. They are made with fleece and are very warm to wear. They are popular to wear to all kinds of conventions and all during the cold seasons! They have hoods with faces on them (usually embroidered,) buttons or zippers, and pockets to carry your belongings with you. 


How much do kigurumi cost?

Ordering a custom adult-size kigurumi usually costs about $500 USD, but depending on the types of materials and design the price can vary +/-. These are machine and hand sewn with care and designed as one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art based on your unique design or concept art provided by the client directly, sized to fit your specific dimensions.