What Works for You?

At R_L Works we are dedicated to providing our customers with a great experience, from purchase to performance.

Our costumes and accessories are made using modern, practical and high quality materials and techniques to ensure our products meet and exceed our clients expectations of comfort and performance. We are based out of Seattle, Washington and most of our sales are through custom orders, although we do take time to experiment with new techniques of construction and quality assurance on what we call "pre-made" costumes and accessories, which you can find for sale form us on occasion. We can also work entirely from our own imagination on projects for clients using "artistic liberty," where a customer can give very rough outlines for an order, and we handle the rest. 

Our Goals

1. To provide excellent, fast, and friendly customer service.

2. To supply a product that meets the needs of our customers and is made to last.

3. To grow and learn from each new customer experience to better our services and products


R_L Works Costumes & Mascots is owned and operated by Brittany (Razzy) Lee. Razzy has been making costumes as a hobby since 2009. She primarily works alone, but sometimes with the help of other crafters/artists in the furry fandom. However, we call ourselves "we" because Razzy is never on her own. She's assisted by friends and volunteers who model finished products and test them before they are sent to the client/customer. We also have assisting apprentice positions that are occasionally filled by different people, and we recognize their value and hard work.